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FOX Business
Nov 26, 2012 4:00pm EST
>> that isd8 about $30,000. a little."ñ more than that. liz:ym 35,000. the one i'm wearingw >lwbf<r:ewbuq >> that is about8 $20,000,. liz: this is sapphirez÷ 6hcj% correct? >> uh-huh. liz: lookç at the necklaces david.4j jn they're sparkly6!fd beautiful. i bet the priceapoint is there. >> this isym successfulsÑa luxury. theyq are greatzv mini next lasts. they startu wishbone÷ú goes just under 7lw liz: i love this one.÷ú >> very demure and÷ú dainty. liz: you can do thatw make somebody feelnb super special.zv >> one of the greatest holiday÷ú gifts that a man can giíea wife this holidayd8 season. liz: that i like.;o@ when we're looking what isv: going on with the economy %1:uj do you hear about that from and more about just÷ú being good stewards ofjur business. liz: right. >> we clearly understand there are challenges inv: the environment. but we facedp headwinds before. web are pretty adaptable incredibly efficientodel. we haveiÑ a plan for long-termco: growth. liz: you have competition from÷ diamond priceszv have they gone upnb in general? >> actuallyyz7 the o
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1